Committed to Strong American-German Relationships Good economic relationships are the basis for a stable partnership.

About the AGBC

The American-German Business Club (AGBC) was founded in Bonn in 1964, then the capital city of West Germany.

30 years later, in 1994, the American-German Business Club Frankfurt e.V. was founded. It is now the largest AGBC chapter in Germany with several hundred members, both corporate and individual. Our group was started to help solidify and improve American-German relationships on both a business and personal level. We welcome all nationalities who speak English.


As part of its ongoing service to the American-German Business community the AGBC-Frankfurt holds periodic events such as online seminars, when able, in-person lectures, networking events to keep its members and guests well informed on topics and events of interest to our community.  

These events may include presentations by well respected individuals on such diverse topics as what might be the political future of the USA and the American-German Trans-Atlantic Alliance, what is the status of our current life in the Corona Virus Pandemic, what is the status of Energy supply in the difficult times in which we live, and what is the status of NATO.  

Currently, most events are on-line; however, we would prefer to revert to in-person events as soon as we are able.

Entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow is celebrating its thirteenth year of operation and we would like you to help us make this year our biggest and best yet! And why not? With a total prize pool of over €2.000 – including a first prize of €1.000, there is plenty of incentive to enter!

No matter what sort of idea a person has for any type of business, a business plan is essential. It is a road map for getting a project up and running – documenting the steps a business venture will need to take to become profitable. The Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow (EOT) competition focuses on this critical element of establishing and growing a business.