AGBC – PRESIDENT Welcome Letter

Dear Friends of the American-German Business Club, 

I am honored and humbled to serve you as the new President of the American-German Business Club, Frankfurt Chapter.

I plan to be an active President, and play an active role in all matters important for the American-German Business Club.

I would like to call all of you to inspire our club to do something greater than before and have the drive to create something that will live beyond each of us. We are a membership organization first and without active membership will never be able to serve or succeed in our goals.

One of my key-objectives as your President will be to strengthen the “business” focus of our club again, which is also inherited in our name: American-GermanBusiness Club. I want to inspire you to take an active role in our club and help us become one of the leading international communities in the Rhein-Main region.

The American-German Business Clubs in Germany have an impressive history. They were founded in 1964 in Bonn by a group of American businessmen. It evolved into several regional organizations benefiting hundreds of American and German business people in Germany, and significantly promoting international cooperation between our two countries. Today, American German Business Clubs in Germany count account for appr. 700+ members.

About my background: I am a lawyer running my own law-firm called Hilgard-Law, which I started on Jan. 1, 2019. Beforehand, I was practicing law for over 34 years as partner of a major U.S. law firm in Germany, heading its litigation and arbitration practice.

Since working as a lawyer I have been an active member in many international organizations. Amongst them the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany (AmCham), where I served as Member of the Board as well as Chairman of AmCham´s Regional Chapter Rhein-Main. I have also been President of the Litigation Commission of the Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA) for many years and I served as Chairman of its Corporate and Business Law Committee.

Further organizations I am active in are the German American Lawyers´ Association, the German-British Jurists Association, the German Lawyers’ Association (DAV) – Working Group for International Legal Transactions. Last but not least, I am Vice-President of the Wirtschaftsclub Rhein-Main e.V. and have authored many publications on American-German topics.

For the future of the American-German Business Club Frankfurt there are several goals I wish to achieve together with you:

  • attract and retain new members.
  • reach out to our neighbors in the surrounding community in order to broaden our scope and better meet the needs of the communities we serve.
  • continue to support international projects either of our own making or through partnering with other clubs.
  • work on becoming more effective, more attractive, and “the” organization which is the center of American-German business issues – as well as of American-German networking: An organization that really unites individuals in business through hosting numerous networking events every year.
  • work strongly on getting a reputation for organizing business events. Business events are the core element of our club life. I will implement a structure and a visible strategy and concept behind them. We will start with 5 series which we choose to call
  • „What if …. (Finanzamt,, IRS, headhunter, immigration office…) calls”
  • „Champions and Hidden Champions“ (CEO’s, etc.)
  • „Think Tanks“ (economists, etc…)
  • „What is your message, Mr./Mrs ….. (politicians, diplomats…)
  • „Entrepreneurs of tomorrow”

This is a huge task which I hope to put on several shoulders. My intention is to find people who will take over additional responsibilities.  I seek to build a team which will implement our strategy and provide us with speakers for the rest of the year and also for the coming year. Volunteers are welcome.

I would like to add a special remark as to EoT:
In my view, EoT is a fantastic event which unfortunately is not well known. I would like to change that and develop EoT into a “lead event” in Frankfurt, and an example of how the American German business community can be active. This means active and powerful “rebranding”.

This requires

  • More awareness in the public;
  • More presence in social media;
  • Winning the Frankfurt business community, winning private equity firms, winning banks, winning the Wirtschaftsförderungen of many towns, winning politicians and the whole business community to join our activities and to promote the event – which finally means to promote us.

And for all of that – I need you, and your support! The support of you as a proud member of the American-German Business Club Frankfurt.

Now, let us start into that new area! 

  1. Mark C. Hilgard

– President –

PS: Should you not be a member of AGBC yet, the yearly fee is only € 100,- and allows you to participate in all our events and gatherings at a special rate (members only). To apply for membership, please click the button below.