CONTENT is KING | A webcast featuring Jimmy Hayward and Heiko Nemmert

Report of the event:

The Frankfurt chapter of the American German Business Club (AGBC) hosted today a very timely, interesting and content-rich Zoom webinar titled “The Coming Content Gap and Paradigm Shift in Entertainment” with two studio executives from Baby Giant, a Hollywood and Berlin-based animation studio.

Thomas Leiser, AGBC-Frankfurt VP of Programs, hosted from his home in Gießen, and opened the discussion with Heiko Nemmert in Potsdam-Babelsberg and Chris DiGiovanni in Hollywood.

Mr. Nemmert, CEO, and Mr. DiGiovanni, Partner & Producer, began their presentation with slides showing the enormous demand for content. According to Mr. Nemmert,”There is an unprecedented demand for content,” and it began well before COVID 19. He said the average person watches 38 hours of streaming content per week in the US, and 68% of Germans watch streaming content daily. Looking forward, he said, “There will be a gap in content in about 6-9 months, which will last about 12-36 months.”

Mr. Nemmert and DiGiovanni explained that productions across the world shut down because of COVID-19 and are only now beginning to start again. Mr. DiGiovanni explained how animation studios, including Baby Giant, are filling the void and desire for content. He said advances in technology make animation very realistic, relatively inexpensive, and capable of being done remotely, supporting “social distancing.” He empathized the importance of new technologies by stating, “Live action and animation are coming together…and technology can reduce human crews by up to 50%.”

Mr. DiGiovanni predicted that traditional network TV and cable networks will suffer due to the lack of new content and the growing popularity of streaming content, but traditional drive-in-theaters will make a come-back! Mr. Nemmert said, “There will be a lot more direct to VOD (video on demand) releases,” and offered the recent release of Trolls with its $95M revenue in 3 weeks as evidence. He added that the desire for novel content will also result in a further “…rise in user-generated content from apps including YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.”

Mr. DiGiovanni must have taken note of the word “Business” in AGBC. He ended the presentation by suggesting people should invest in content providers because there is definitely a market for content.


Event Date: 10. September 2020 | 19:00
(Timezone: Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna)

Location: Zoom Meeting

As the world adjusts to life in a Covid-19 world, the demand for video content for all streaming and viewing providers is reaching an all-time high.   After we have all watched all there is currently to offer, what will there be to view in the coming 6-12-24 months when filming and video production companies have not been able to work?

In a 30 minute webinar, Jimmy Hayward and Heiko Nemmert (Co-CEO’s) of Baby Giant Hollyberg will outline how the entertainment industry has been impacted by COVID-19 and what the long term ripple effects could be, both on the filmmaking (supply) and film-going (demand) side.

Baby Giant Hollyberg ( is an American/German innovative content studio located in both Babelsberg and Los Angeles. (Babelsberg is the historical center of the German Film industry and the world´s first large-scale film studio!)  Focused on the production of high caliber, computer-generated entertainment for worldwide audiences, it specializes in the creation of healthy, sustainable intellectual property with exploitation potential in all media forms. The core foundation of all of Baby Giant’s animated projects is that they are unique and distinct ideas and stories set in fantastic imaginary worlds. The studio was founded in 2016 by the US/Canadian-filmmaker Jimmy Hayward, the US producer Christopher DiGiovanni, and the German producers Daniel von Braun and Heiko Nemmert.

Jimmy Hayward is Co-founder of Baby Giant Hollyberg.  He has been writing and directing major motion pictures for two decades and was one of the original animators in the pioneering computer-animated television series “Reboot” during the nascent year of CG animation.  He worked for Pixar on many of their beloved films, then joined 20th Century Fox and Blue-Sky Studios as a writer and sequence director.  More recently he directed “Horton Hears A Who” which earned nearly $300 million worldwide.  With 25 years involvement in feature film animation, Jimmy brings a team of industry veterans from major studios to every project.

Heiko Nemmert, CEO of Baby Giant Hollyberg, will give a market overview on content and discuss how traditional films may have taken a back seat to animation, both in terms of interest and financially for investors.

Join us for a view behind the scenes to the digital content industry.

This subject, originally presented from AGBC-Munich, was such a very popular event that we are offering it again.  As the content is intensely topical now given the industry’s inability to create new content, kindly note we will not record this webinar due to the sensitive nature of the material. So, you only have one chance to see this.