Entertainment Case Study Series from Baby Giant Hollyberg

Colinne Bartel, an AGBC member helped organize the AGBC Online Meeting „Content is King“ featuring principals of Baby Giant Hollyberg (Hollywood and Babelsberg). We learned then about how COVID – 19 impacted the entertainment industry and potential long-term effects.

Baby Giant Hollyberg and Colinne Bartel have organized a monthly Case Study series with two brief calls organized for November and December as mentioned in the below email (Nov.11: Animation Investment 101 – Generating Recurring Revenues. Dec.09: Entertainment Forecast 2021 – Trends & Numbers) The monthly series looks into the entertainment industry with case studies addressing a variety of topics, including project financing, the environmental educational impact of animation, etc. The first call will be held this Wednesday (1700-1730) and will address “Animation Investment 101 – Generating Recurring Revenues.”

Colinne invites you to attend. If you are interested, please sign up at the link in her following E-mail. Please register under the following link: https://www.anmelden.org/babygiant-ac/