Previous Winners

2019 – BikeSight

With solving a problem, a functional prototype and a well-constructed business plan team BikeSight was able to convince the EOT judges. Congratulations to our first prize winners this year, Nicolas Busch, Nicolas Rogers and Leopold Wilczek from the European School Rhein Main!

Previous Winners

2018 – Boli Graphics

With a twist on the concept of spinning promotional pens this team, comprising of; Owain Pill, Kian Rokni, Phillip Boyo & Mathias Maimberg  from the from the European School Frankfurt took out first prize!

2017 – E-Sisal

With a business idea which provides a combination between the two usual variations of dartboards; an electronic one and a regular sisal dartboard. The E-Sisal is a dartboard which has a sisal surface but specific pressure sensors behind the sisal pad that will automatically count the points for the players which are shown on a small display below the board.

Team members: Anne-Marie Czypionka, Ugne Keraite, Maximilian Höck, Deniz Saracci, Felix Seifarth. From The Liebigschule.

2016 – “Love it?“

Vivian Roisko from the Frankfurt International School won first place and 1,000 Euros with her social media App designed to provide market research on the buying habits of its teenage audience.

2015 – “Danceshape”

Anna Gegenmantel and Luca Schmidt from the Goethe-Gymnasium School with the Business Idea “DanceShape” – a start-up dance studio and dance retail establishment for women only, located in the east of Frankfurt. It aims at a wide range of women at all ages starting from 16.

2014 – “The Universal Bakery”

Zoe Breithaupt, Ela Eroglu and Ann Katrin Blachnik from the Goethe Gymnasium Frankfurt took the first place with their business concept of offering a variety of fresh bakery products without gluten and lactose.

2013 – “U-Design”

Ji Won Jeong, Kiuree Kim and Kevin Wu from, the International School Frankfurt, developed a web-based decision-making tool, which makes it easier for the customer to choose the right haircut.

2012 – “Mobile Salad Bar”

Emma, ​​Jennifer and Luise from the Frankfurt-Rhine-Main International School won with the idea for a “Salade-qui vous fait sourire”, the concept for a mobile salad bar.

2011 – “Mr. Shop”

Vincent von Kirch and Roman Wolf, from the Taunusgymnasium in Königstein, took first place with their business plan for a personal shopping service tailored to the special needs of businessmen and families