The American-German Business Club-Frankfurt is open for business!

The Login Link to follow to log in to the Webinar of 22 April 2020 beginning at 19:00 hours is:

If requested,
the Meeting ID: 996 291 000
Password: 413204

WE RECOMMEND YOU BEGIN TO LOGIN about 15 minutes prior to the Webinar to ensure there is time to download required software, if any, and to handle any last minute disruptions.


While we won’t invite our valued members to a “Haute Cuisine” luncheon at the Intercontinental Hotel in Frankfurt to hear a great speaker, instead we are inviting our members to a “webinar”.

AGBC is hosting it’s very first webinar „Never Waste a Viral Crisis “ on 22 April 2020 at 19:00 hours (CEDT) focused on COVID1-19 with Dr. Howard Urnovitz, a member of the Frankfurt AGBC chapter.  Dr. Urnovitz, PhD from University of Michigan in Microbiology and Immunology, is a veteran expert on RNA viruses which COVID-19 is.  While Dr. Urnovitz is currently working on a COVID-19 detection device, he distinguished himself in 1987 with the first FDA-approved 10-minute HIV blood test and in 1996 he received 2 FDA approvals for a urine test for HIV screening and confirmation.

Dr. Urnovitz will give up-to-date insights on the spread of the virus; and explain its origin, existence and likely future path. Following his presentation, he will take questions from the webinar audience.

On 7th April he reported in LinkedIn the he and his team are now finally able to test their hypothesis from 1992 that many viral diseases are actually “interactive infections.”   Their supplemental test will be undergoing clinical trials soon with the primary objective of delivering to healthcare providers a summary of all the co-infections a patient is encountering and a status report of the patient’s immune system. For more information about the test design visit:

As we get closer to the date, we will send you the applicable links to our Video Conference Service.