Christine Lagarde will start her new job as President of the European Central Bank on November 1st, replacing Mario Draghi, who led the bank through very challenging times over the last eight years. The new leadership raises key questions:

  • How might her approach to policy differ from her predecessor’s?
  • What other challenges will the ECB face in upcoming years, especially given that a hard Brexit seems increasingly likely?
  • How will she handle numerous challenges facing the global economy such as trade wars and attacks on central bank independence?

Gabriel Glöckler, Principal Adviser, Directorate General Communications, European Central Bank will update us on the latest news. He is a seasoned central banker, economist and communicator. He has worked at the European Central Bank for two decades in a variety of senior roles. He is currently Principal Adviser in the ECB’s Directorate General Communications, spearheading the Bank’s strategic communication and outreach towards the general public, politics and academia.

He will be interviewed by Todd Buell, a financial journalist who covered the ECB for nearly 10 years for The Wall Street Journal and Market News International. He now is a Senior Correspondent for Law360 in Brussels, writing about tax.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Author: Steffen Fasselt
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